Michelle Malkin: The “Poor Me” Tour

Media Matters for America has the gory details of Michelle Malkin’s therapeutic appearances on several conservative media outlets to try and heal the psychic scars left by her run-in with real journalism:

As a guest on Hardball, Malkin claimed that Patrick Runyon and William Zaladonis — the two veterans who were on the swift boat under Kerry’s command in Vietnam the night Kerry received the injury that resulted in his first Purple Heart — had accused Kerry of shooting himself on purpose. Both Zaladonis (who appeared with Kerry at his arrival celebration for the Democratic National Convention) and Runyon have defended Kerry and debunked that specific claim.
The day after Matthews challenged her false accusations, Malkin wrote about her Hardball interview on her personal website. She called Matthews a “caveman” and “a foaming jerk”; decried his “Neanderthal chauvinism” and his MSNBC program’s “basement ratings”; and listed the phone numbers for Matthews and his producer.
Later that day, as a guest on the August 20 edition of The Laura Ingraham Show, Malkin was comforted by Ingraham, who asked: “How’d you stop from reaching across and grabbing one of the chins of Chris Matthews?”
In previewing the August 20 edition of FOX News Channel’s Hannity & Colmes on his ABC Radio Networks program, Hannity denounced Matthews’s treatment of Malkin: “Michelle Malkin will be on tonight. And I promise you, she will not be treated the same was as she was in an interview last night. Just unbelievable.”
On his August 20 radio show, Limbaugh told Malkin that she “should be proud” of her appearance on Hardball. Limbaugh and Malkin also falsely claimed that MSNBC anchor Keith Olbermann called Malkin “an idiot” in the wake of her Hardball interview.

Poor widdle baby! So bruised from her rough treatment at the hands of Chris Matthews. It’s a good thing there are whole networks full of right-wing suck-ups there to help comfort her. ..



August 25, 2004
12:22 pm

Someone should tell her: They call the show HARDBALL for a reason, princess.

Average Joe

August 26, 2004
3:51 pm

You must be some sort of Commie hippie. I’ll bet you want to marry Castro. I think we sure inter Commie terrorist-defenders like you. Heil Michelle Malkin!

bob hamlin

September 2, 2004
4:12 pm

The transcript is available — and some recordings. She never even came close to accusing Kerry of shooting himself. Those were Matthews’s words — and he would not give her a chance to explain the context.
Sounds like you probably won’t have tried to understand the context. Kerry accidently injured himself — He’s admitted to one — possibly twice. Self-inflicted wounds do not merit Purple Hearts (No shades of gray on this)

Jason Lefkowitz

September 2, 2004
4:26 pm

go read this:
and then decide if you want to come around here peddling such a simplistic line.
I’ve read the transcript and watched the video, and it’s plenty obvious that Malkin was arguing by innuendo that Kerry had inflicted the wound on purpose. Matthews asked her to back up her insinuation, and she wouldn’t do it (because that’s not how the game of smear politics is played).
I’d be willing to consider “context” if it existed. But this charge is pap. If the guy was ACCIDENTALLY WOUNDED IN THE COURSE OF ENGAGING THE ENEMY — why does that reflect negatively on his character? It doesn’t, of course. It only would if he had *purposely* injured himself, but even you and Malkin now concede that isn’t the case. That won’t stop you from continuing to yammer on about it, though.
I swear, when it comes to hating people you disagree with, you folks truly are like unsinkable rubber ducks.