Halley Explains It All

Halley Suitt is explaining to us dumb guys what we should be doing on dates (part I, part II):

What the hell are you taking us into the dark, feeding us sweets and showing us pictures of half naked people kissing for anyway — if not to give us a hint?!? If we agreed to go to the movies with you, WE LIKE YOU! We want you to touch us.



September 22, 2004
1:14 pm

I could not disagree with this more. A while back I went to the movies on a second date with this guy from my office. The minute we sat down, he was all over me. I only agreed to go out with him because the first time we went out he was a perfect gentleman.
And this has happened to me on more than one occassion.
Just because I agree to go somewhere with a man does NOT mean I want to pawed. Men need to look for clear, obvious signals before making a move. An acceptance of a date is not one of those signals.

Jason Lefkowitz

September 22, 2004
2:17 pm

So is this a case of different strokes for different folks? (bah-dum-bum) 🙂


September 22, 2004
8:50 pm

Damn, I think I need a date first before I can give you any data points.

Jason Lefkowitz

September 22, 2004
10:32 pm

LOL, get in line 🙂