Sandy Smith

September 28, 2004
11:37 pm

…and it’s high time we brought back a venerable name to the world of sports.
Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you your Waaaaasshingtonnnnnnn…

Joe Dailey

September 30, 2004
8:28 pm

Bullets would be good just as a poke in the eye to ‘ol PC Abe Pollin, and It would be ironic since a bunch of “state’s rights” republicans are trying to strip away D.C.’s gun control laws (I don’t even think the laws are effective, but maybe, just maybe, in a democracy people should get to pass bad laws if they want to). Also Ironic would be a return to the Senators, since D.C. does not have any. And of course we could name them the Angelos after the horrible owner with the great ballpark and mediocore team who has kept this city without a ball club for years (that one I stole from Tony Kornheiser). And if the NHL goes under, the Capitals would be available.
Nationals would be good, since the team would be in the National league and there was a D.C. team called the Nationals before it was the Senators (I). And yelling “Go Nats!” is catchy. But the best name would be the Greys, after the Negro League “Homestead Greys” which played in D.C. and Philly for years. and was more succesfull than the Nationals/Senators ever were.

Jason Lefkowitz

September 30, 2004
10:14 pm

Damn, Joe, that’s a good idea! Naming them for the Homestead Greys would be a fantastic gesture. A tribute to Josh Gibson, Cool Papa Bell… all the great Negro League players who never got to play in the major leagues.
The more I think about it, the more I like it.