How the Bush Team Plays It

From Tony Pierce’s blog today:

so what do you do when you come home after a hard day and you see a hand written note on your front door threatening you if you continue to write negative things about the president of the united states on your blog?

Jesus. I think the President is a fucking moron who has dug us into a security hole in Iraq that we’re going to spend the next twenty years digging out of, and a deficit hole that may take even longer.

I wonder when they’ll come for me?



September 24, 2004
2:15 pm

And, I *heart* this quote, too.
“I believe that AIDS research monies should be tripled, that junior colleges should be free, and that health care should be socialized like your mama is.”

Mark Adams

September 24, 2004
4:51 pm

So should I be wondering why someone from the DOE’s website is checking out MY blog?
Of course if you read it the answer is undoubtedly “yes.”