ALCS Game 7

Boy, was that some ball game or what?


Sandy Smith

October 21, 2004
12:38 am

Fox news? Bah! Lies! Even now the Red Sox are, in my opinion, completely destroyed. They run in terror from the Yankees! In fact, they lose every at bat, if there were a Boston team, which there isn’t. Lies!

Joe Dailey

October 21, 2004
1:59 am

somewhere in Chicago, Nomar Garciapara is looking at his wife and telling Mia he shouldn’t have been such an arrogant prick to his teamates.
The Evil Empire has fallen. It’s like the Russian going down in “Rocky IV”, the ring of power being thrown into Mount Doom, and Palpatine being thrown down the death star pit all at the same time.
My heart flutters like a Tim Wakefield fastball.
This is the year!!