Holy Crap

Talk about burying the lede — check out this little nugget hidden inside the Boston Globe’s recent story “Nuclear Threat Expected to Pose a Major Challenge“:

At least twice since the Sept. 11 attacks, US intelligence officials believed, terrorists had smuggled a nuclear device into the United States, once in New York City and later along the Potomac River near Washington, D.C. A senior Bush administration official who asked not to be identified said that before the information was determined to be unfounded, he considered calling his wife and telling her to take the children and head for the Virginia mountains.

(Thanks to Dowbrigade for the pointer.)

I mean… wow. I’ve always known on an intellectual level that I lived in a city that was a major target zone — but it puts things in a whole different perspective to think of a nuclear terror strike as something that may have already almost happened.

When did this happen, I wonder? It’s really strange to think of myself sitting at work, clueless, while the high Federal mucky-mucks scramble to get their loved ones out of town…



October 4, 2004
8:52 am

I bet it happened on those days when I had just a horrible nervous feeling for no reason. Now I know the reason! I’m psychic, not crazy.