A Blow for (In)Sanity at the Polls in OH

A federal judge in Ohio has ruled that partisan voter intimidatorschallengers aren’t welcome at polling places in that state. Good news in an important battleground.

UPDATE (11/2/2004): Wow, one day later and an appeals court has overturned the decision, so the intimidation will go forward after all. Amazing how fast the wheels of justice can turn when the ability of powerful people to bully around the poor and disenfranchised is under threat!



November 1, 2004
2:49 pm

Hallelujia! Sanity prevails!
Wait, I mean, “Yay!” I don’t want to seem like some religious radical the day before the election…people might think I’m voting for *gasp* Bush.


November 2, 2004
12:12 pm

Too bad it was overturned early this morning. 🙁