Eyewitness in Fallujah

Journalist Kevin Sites is blogging from war-torn Fallujah.

From “Street By Street“:

But as the unit moves past the building, going from east to west, another RPG explodes behind them, then a third. More casualties. A Navy Corpsman cut the pants leg off one of the injured and wraps a guaze dressing around the bleeding wound while another Marine covers with a 249-SAW (squad Assault Weapon). But regardless of how much firepower the Marines bring to bear — they can’t seem to silence this phantom enemy, which continues to fire on them from the rear.
Then insurgent snipers begin firing in front of the Marines as well. One round pierces the Kevlar helmet a twenty-year old Mark 19 gunner — in my vehicle. He is badly wounded. He’s put in a canvas stretcher and six Marines run through the streets carrying him to a waiting military ambulance.
Shortly after — another RPG round hits a humvee, but doesn’t explode. The Marines are rattled but uninjured. A Marine who has caught shrapnel in the face is led to the safety of an empty storefront — his eyes bandaged shut — his hands outstretched — probing the air in front of him.
The Marines know they are being hunted.

Amazing stuff.