I’ve only recently discovered Fafblog and it has been consistenly cracking me up. For example, see their take on Howard Fineman’s column lamenting the surrender of the mainstream media to blogs:

On behalf of the entire “Mainstream Media,” Howard Fineman has surrendered to Blogonia, and Giblets, its cruel and unyielding Blogarch, accepts! … Let Giblets’s new Decrees Over All Media commence!
DECREE THE FIRST! All news is now NET-news! All reporting is now E-reporting! The New York Times will spend 90% of its content bickering with the Washington Post in an increasingly abstract yet personal argument regarding the feasibility of anarcho-capitalism in the works of A. A. Milne! The CBS Evening News will be replaced by one man persistently correcting the Washington Post’s spelling and grammar for thirty minutes! The Wall Street Journal will consist entirely of excerpts of the New York Times and the Washington Post followed by a single “Indeed”!

It’s fuuuuunny stuff. Check it out.