Fox News Meltdown


Oliver Willis has an amazing video of Judy Bachrach, contributing editor of Vanity Fair, getting a steaming hot cup of “fair and balanced” right in the face from Fox News anchor Brigitte Quinn when Bachrach dared to question whether spending $40 million on inaugural parties in wartime was appropriate or not.

An excerpt:

BACHRACH: During a time of war, ten parties are not appropriate. When your own soldiers are sitting ducks in very, very bad vehicles [unarmored Hummers].
QUINN: But don’t you think the President has given his proper respect to our troops? Yesterday things opened with a military gala, they ended with a prayer service, there certainly seems to have been a tremendous effort over the past couple of days, and more than that, to honor our troops.
BACHRACH: Well, gee, that prayer service should sure keep them safe and warm in their flimsy vehicles in Iraq.

Quinn actually goes out of her way to try and shut Bachrach down, to no avail. It’s amazing to see how the propaganda machine reacts when someone knocks one of its gears out of alignment…



January 22, 2005
10:12 pm

Absolutly amazing!
I’m glad to see, that there are journalists with courage in the United States!!! My deepest respect to Mrs. BACHRACH! Go on like this!! All the other journalists with a brain in the head: Join her and do the same!!! Please!!
Yours blueis
(Just a guy from Austria)