Any Landing You Can Walk Away From

I’ve decided to write a book about my last few dating experiences. Why not? Always wanted to be an author.

I’ve even got the cover art all ready to go:

Shot Down!

Coming soon to a bookstore near you!

(In case you care: image taken from here.)



February 9, 2005
8:42 am

Are you really going to? Because the type of stuff you’d write in there is ideally what I’d like to be reading in your blog.


February 9, 2005
8:42 am

we are going to need to start calling you crash.

Jason Lefkowitz

February 9, 2005
9:23 am

“Are you going to?”
No, it’s just a joke. Momma taught me never to crash and tell 🙂


February 9, 2005
2:29 pm

Think about some people’s memoirs, they name names and everything! And you told me to stop censoring myself if I remember correctly! I WANT THE DISH.


February 23, 2005
12:40 pm

I am going to have to agree with Ginger on this one. I’d love to hear more about Jason Lefkowitz – The Man on your blog.