My New Phone

So since I spent a big chunk of blogspace griping about my old cellphone, you might want to know what I ended up doing to replace it.

Long story short, I got a Nokia 6600 and new service from T-Mobile. So far the service has been great, and the phone is fantastic; it runs on the popular Symbian Series 60 platform, so there’s a ton of nifty software you can get for it. And the built in camera is nice too; here’s my first attempt at a self-portrait using it:

My ugly mug, as seen by my cellphone camera

(I know the light levels are screwy — I’m still working out the settings for light conditions, so cut me some slack!)

Paul Boutin was right when he raved about the 6600 for Slate, it really feels like 90% of a Treo for 10% of the price. My thanks to Oscar for turning me on to this device!