People Are God Damned Idiots

Remember when Paris Hilton’s Sidekick got hacked and all her personal data — phone numbers, notes, pictures, everything — ended up on the Web for the world to see? Betcha thought something like that would hurt Sidekick sales, didn’t you?


T-Mobile Latest News about T-Mobile stores in New York are selling out of Sidekicks (a handheld device that stores information online) despite or, more likely, because of that fact that celebrity phone numbers and naughty pictures were stolen off one belonging to bad-girl heiress Paris Hilton.
“We had an unusually high demand this week,” said one Manhattan store employee.

Wow. How dumb do you have to be to buy a phone specifically because you’ve heard how easy it is for hackers to pull your data off of it?

“Paris Hilton has one!”

“Yeah. And because of that every yokel in the country got to see her private pictures.”

“But Paris Hilton has one!”




April 1, 2005
6:53 am

People are sheep.