Sometimes I Don’t Know What the Hell You People Are Thinking

Actual entries from the list of most popular search terms that brought people to this Web site yesterday:

  • “ugly people” (5 hits)
  • “yiddish sayings about airplanes” (2 hits)
  • “hunter s thompson -literary genius” (1 hit) (Apparently someone with a pretty low opinion of HST!)
  • “beam me out of this deathtrap” (1 hit)

The “ugly people” thing is apparently quite a popular one — I got 300+ hits last month from people running that through search engines.

So the only question is, where on the Web have I been cited as a canonical example of an ugly person? (sigh)

UPDATE: Aha! Figured it out — the answer is on the second page of Google results for “ugly people”. My site shows up there because I have a category of posts entitled “Politics: Show Business for Ugly People“. So thankfully I’m not as universally repulsive as a glance at the stats might originally suggest 🙂



April 14, 2005
11:34 am

This is so funny. Can you tell me what people search for that bring them to

Jason Lefkowitz

April 14, 2005
12:45 pm

Yep, check your e-mail 🙂