So You’re The Reason We’re So Screwed! Thanks

Seen on the window of a Porsche Cayenne S SUV:

I heart Arab Oil

Wow, 14 whole miles to the gallon? That’s some serious fuel efficiency there. But dammit, little Aidan and Madison have play dates to get to! Who has time to worry about such things?

It’s a good thing that our demand for gas-guzzling sport-utes doesn’t have any negative side effects…

More Gas Equals More War

Oh, yeah. There is that.



May 5, 2005
2:46 pm

Now that you invited me to Lewis Black you will henceforth be linked from my blog. You are officially my friend.

Jason Lefkowitz

May 5, 2005
2:48 pm

So, do I get a t-shirt or something?