Socks Awaaaay

Lately, now that the weather’s nice, I’ve been taking the long way home after work; instead of going to the nearest Metro station to my office (Foggy Bottom/GWU, about a 10 minute walk), I’ve been walking up through Georgetown, across the Key Bridge, and over to the Rosslyn station on the other side of the Potomac. It kicks the walk up to about 40 minutes or so, but walking through Georgetown is always nice, and you can watch the kayakers and crew teams out on the river as you walk over the bridge. Tunes courtesy of my XM MyFi make the time fly by.

Naturally, given the duration of the walk it doesn’t make much sense to do it in my office shoes. So I throw a pair of sneakers and athletic socks in my bag before I go to work, and change footwear before I leave the office, stowing the “work” shoes and socks in my bag until I get home.

Anyway, I’m out walking today and I get about halfway across the bridge, blissfully zoned out listening to the radio, when I realize that my bag is hanging off my shoulder in a weird way. I stop to check it out and it quickly becomes clear why — one of the zippers had worked its way open, and the bag was flapping half open in the breeze.

How long had it been like that? Who knows? I was so oblivious that for all I know I bopped all through Georgetown with my bag hanging open like an idiot.

I quickly check the contents of the bag to make sure I haven’t lost anything. Thankfully, everything that was in the bag when I left the office is in there now.

Except my socks.


So — if you’re walking down M Street in Georgetown and you see a rolled-up pair of khaki socks on the street… you know who to blame.



June 28, 2005
9:31 am

I’m sure there are much, much, much worse things lurking in the gutters of this city. 🙂