2,000 And Counting

You should know the name of US Army Staff Sergeant George Alexander Jr.

Why? Because he was the 2,000th American soldier to be killed in the war in Iraq:

The threshold was crossed with the Pentagon’s announcement that Staff Sgt. George Alexander Jr., 34, of Killeen, Tex., had died at Brooke Army Medical Center in Texas on Saturday of injuries suffered in Iraq earlier this month, when a bomb planted by insurgents exploded near his Bradley Fighting Vehicle.

Rest in peace, Sergeant.



October 27, 2005
8:00 pm

Yes it is very sad indeed I hate to hear of any loss of life when they are fighting for me.. I posted where you talked about your mom and I realize you don’t know me but I was very saddened to read your story about your mom and I know you loved her very much. I lost my dad a long time ago and thought I would never recover from the pain..you never forget but you eventually learn by the grace of God to cope..Good luck to you in the future.