StyleCatcher Fixed!

Time for an update to my post about the broken-ness of the StyleCatcher plugin for Movable Type.

No, Six Apart hasn’t fixed it yet. In fact, they have yet to acknowledge the problem (no mentions on the ProNet mailing list, in their support forums, their blogs, or anywhere else I’ve seen).

However, someone else has done their work for them — Earl Fogel’s instructions on Fixing StyleCatcher solve the problem perfectly. Earl took it on himself to debug 6A’s Perl code, which seems to be dependent on you using certain versions of Perl for it to work properly. Those of us whose hosting systems don’t use the (unspecified) Ideal Versions were out of luck, until Earl fixed the problem.

So from me to Earl: thanks, man! Much appreciated.

And for those of you who host your blogs on my site, I’ll be updating your templates shortly so that you can use the StyleCatcher to easily download and apply new styles to your blog.

UPDATE (10/14/2005): Thanks to some help from Six Apart, we now have an answer to why StyleCatcher was breaking like this, and a recommendation for how to fix it without patching the plugin. Thanks 6A!



October 8, 2005
4:17 pm

I was having the same problem, and Earl’s code didn’t work for me. What did work for me was using CPAN to install LWP perl module, since Mac OS X 10.3 Server doesn’t include it and StyleCatcher requires it. Now it works great.

Jason Lefkowitz

October 8, 2005
5:20 pm

Yeah — I’ve been in correspondence with 6A recently about this and it appears that the problem may be due to StyleCatcher requiring a fairly recent version of LWP being installed to work.
I’m holding off posting until I know for sure which LWP versions fix the problem, but for now, if you have this issue and you have permissions to update the LWP module to the latest version, doing that should fix it.