Dems Win!

Today’s elections turned out to be good ones for Democrats across the country! Woo hoo!

Here in Virginia, Tim Kaine handily defeated his Republican opponent. He’s projected to get a bigger margin of victory than our popular (Democratic) current governor, Mark Warner, did in his last race to boot.

Down-ticket in VA, it’s turning into a nail biter — the GOP candidates for Lieutenant Governor and Attorney General are currently winning, but by razor thin margins: 1.6% in the Lt. Governor contest and 0.45% (only 8,000 votes difference!) for Attorney General.

In New Jersey, gazillionaire Jon Corzine has once again proven that with enough money, all things are possible.

The news isn’t all good, unfortunately — it looks like the Reform Ohio Now ballot initiatives in Ohio are going to be defeated, which sucks. It’s especially sad about Issue 4, which would have cleaned up the districting process in the state; I believe our current broken system of districting has seriously imperiled democracy in America.

But the big headline here is Tim Kaine’s victory here in red-state Virginia. You better believe the RNC is feeling that tonight…



November 9, 2005
9:58 am

Have you read Freakonomics? He does a pretty good analysis and argument showing that money spent in elections doesn’t correlate with victory.


November 11, 2005
2:35 am

Unfortunately, my compatriots here in CA were too dense to pass the redistricting initiative here as well. While it’s nice to see the Guvernator get embarrassed on his initiatives, it’s a shame that something which makes sense and would make for a more honest form of democracy was defeated… and disheartening that the Democratic speaker of the Assembly has been so brazen in his campaigning against the prop.