Thunderbird 1.5

The latest version of Mozilla’s great e-mail program, Thunderbird 1.5, is out and ready for download.

Notable improvements include:

  • Thunderbird now has the same automated-update capability as Firefox; this means patches and new versions can be streamed right to your desktop – no more go-to-mozilla-download-the-latest-version-uninstall-the-old-version-install-the-new-version tango required to stay current.
  • Thunderbird’s RSS features now include support for podcasts.
  • Spam filtering can now be plugged into a server-side spam filter for greater accuracy.
  • Google Maps support built into the Address Book.
  • “Phishing” (god I hate that word) detector built in, to stop identity theft.
  • Spell-check as you type.
  • Search folders can now search across more than one account.
  • Lots of security fixes.
  • And more — full list here.