Guy Blogs, For Guys

Can there be anything more designed to appeal to the hearts of guys than Shaveblog — which, in its own words, is

about the lost art of wetshaving, and how old-school razors, badger hair shaving brushes, and high-end English shaving creams not only deliver the greatest shave you can possibly imagine, but bring back the pleasant, gentlemanly ritual that’s been missing since the bloodbath of 1971 when Idi Amin led a coup to become ruler of Uganda and Gillette introduced the first twin-blade razor


Combine this with English Cut and Manolo for the Men and you can now satisfy all your most twisted metrosexual fantasies via the blogosphere…


Sandy Smith

February 28, 2006
11:40 pm

Ouch. Reading the manolo for the men makes the Sandy write with the bad grammar.