Dorkus Profundus

I can’t be the only one who thinks the poster art for the upcoming “Da Vinci Code” movie makes Tom Hanks look like a complete dork.

Judge for yourself:


Click image for larger version

I love his expression — it’s like a caricature titled “Man Thinking”. And is that a mullet he’s wearing? Dear God.



April 19, 2006
5:33 pm

He’s thinking, “After I break this code, I’m gonna take this chick to the Journey show and, like, TOTALLY score.”


April 20, 2006
5:35 pm

Am I the only person who read this book and thought it sucked?

Jason Lefkowitz

April 20, 2006
5:37 pm

I couldn’t tell you, I didn’t read the book 🙂

Sandy Smith

April 22, 2006
1:14 am

Me neither.


April 24, 2006
2:45 pm

Why didn’t you guys read it?

Jason Lefkowitz

April 24, 2006
2:56 pm

I can’t speak for Sandy, but for me I didn’t read it because of my native contrariness. Whenever I see _everybody_ doing something I get a severe impulse to do the exact opposite.
Pretty much the same reason why I came late to the Harry Potter books, too.