Welcome to Boot Camp

Damn. My reasons for not buying a Mac are getting fewer by the day…


Sandy Smith

April 5, 2006
9:35 am

If that releases you from the fear of buying the hardware (I *love* my Intel iMac), then by all means.
For me, I’m going to get more excited when somebody ships a Virtual PC product running at near-native speeds. Dragging and dropping between the platforms and allowing me to open it in its own window that I can switch to without losing all that Mac Goodness(tm) is key.
But if you want it mainly as a gaming platform for when you’re not getting stuff done, then this might be as good or better an option.

Jason Lefkowitz

April 5, 2006
9:43 am

I think “fear” is a little strong of a word, don’t you? I’m not afraid of hardware. Hell, I usually build my own computers from parts.
What I *am* afraid of is investing big bucks in a platform that forces me to throw away my not-inconsiderable investment in Win32 software. Anything that eases that is welcome.


April 5, 2006
10:51 am

Didn’t say fear of hardware–said fear of *buying* that particular hardware, which is synonymous with the platform in the case of Apple.