Everything Old is New Again

Saw this blogad on Talking Points Memo this morning:

John Kerry blogad

Fascinating. Back when John Kerry was, you know, running for President, he couldn’t run away from this image — of his younger self testifying eloquently before Congress in 1971 about the futility of the Vietnam War — fast enough. Much to the dismay of those of us who actually found his words from back then (“How do you ask a man to be the last man to die for a mistake?”) more inspirational than anything he was saying these days.

Now that he’s trying to raise money, though (after you sign his online petition, you get sent to a fundraising pitch), suddenly War Protester Kerry is baaaaack!

Anyone want to put odds on the likelihood that War Protester Kerry will go back in the closet again if Gentleman’s Second Kerry decides to run again in 2008?




May 2, 2006
2:55 pm

Do not nominate a senator for president unless the last name is McCain!
Now, I’m not a democrat, but if I was,
I’d think I’d want a governor from a swing state,
who can speak well and has some usefull foriegn policy experience, and is latino.
Bill Richardson would be a much better candidate than some wind surfing JFK wanna-be (it’s almost to easy to attack Kerry)

Jason Lefkowitz

May 2, 2006
3:03 pm

Richardson would be ideal if it wasn’t for stuff like this:

Sandy Smith

May 6, 2006
11:25 am

Plus you have to be photogenic these days. And of course I’d love to see the previous governor rise to national office, but he couldn’t get elected to dogcatcher anymore:
Honesty is so unphotogenic.