It Was Probably Only a Matter of Time

Check it out: there is now a Segway SUV.

How I wish I was kidding.



August 15, 2006
12:47 pm

Well, I guess off roading on a electricf segway is slightly better for the enviroment than off roading on a gas powered dirt bike or atv…
I’ve only seen two uses of segways that seem to work so far. People seem willing to rent these things to go touring around D.C. and other places, so it works as a platform for some type of self guided interactive tour of citys with lots of outdoor things to see (I wonder if you could do the Boston Freedom Trail on a Segway.
I’ve walked it, but lots of people are lazy).
It also works as a law enforcment tool. I talked to a county deputy who was issued one to patrol around the courthouse/county building area, and it gave her good mobility and visibilty of the area (you are higher up, and a segway is easier to maintain than a horse).

Sandy Smith

August 18, 2006
8:46 am

Well it might actually be used for unimproved surfaces, unlike real SUVs. So I’ll give it a pass.