Two Sides to the Same Story

This is interesting…

Clint Eastwood has a new movie coming out this fall.  It’s called “Flags of Our Fathers” and it’s an adaptation of a book about the Battle of Iwo Jima in World War 2, told from the perspective of the U.S. Marines who fought there.

What’s interesting is that, at the same time, Eastwood has been making another movie.  That one is called “Red Sun, Black Sand” and it tells the same story, only from the Japanese soldiers’ point of view, with an all-Japanese cast (led by the inimitable Ken Watanabe).

“Flags” and “Red Sun” are both due to be released in both the American and Japanese markets, though I would imagine they will be promoted quite differently in each.  (What do you want to bet that “Red Sun” only plays in a few art-houses over here?)

If you’re interested in a first look, the Japanese trailer for “Red Sun” is out now, and it looks damn good — it’s an interesting glimpse at the story through Japanese eyes.  “Flags” has yet to have its trailer released.