Firefox 2

Dig it: Firefox 2 is here.

Overall it’s a nice improvement over 1.x.  There’s no revolutionary new features, but usability and security have been tweaked in plenty of nice ways, making it a worthwhile upgrade.

My only complaint is with the decision to put the "close tab" button on the individual tabs, rather than have a single button over on the right. If you use tabs heavily, it’s nice to have that button in a consistent place, rather than have to mouse from tab to tab to close a bunch of them.

But it turns out that it’s easy to change that back to the old Firefox 1.x way just go to about:config, find the "browser.tabs.closeButtons" preference, and change its value to "3" (no quotes, just the number). If you ever decide to go back to close-button-on-the-tab, just change it to "1".

If you’re still using IE (shudder), what on earth are you waiting for? Get Firefox and enjoy a better, safer Web!



October 25, 2006
10:01 am

The problem I have with the unitary close button is that you have to switch to the tab to be closed, drag the mouse over to the close button, check that the right one is now open, drag back over and select the proper one if it isn’t, then repeat.
With the close buttons on the tabs, I don’t have to switch to them, I can just go click click click and I’m done. I’m really glad to see this, because it’s something I always missed from Camino (and even Safari).