“Get Over It”

It’s things like this that make one proud to live in Virginia.  Or not…

Some delegates believe an apology [for the state’s role in maintaining the institution of slavery] is unnecessary and a sign of too much political correctness.

“The present commonwealth has nothing to do with slavery,” said Del. Frank D. Hargrove, R-Glen Allen, whose ancestors were  French Huguenots who came to America in search of religious freedom.

How far do these calls for apologies go, wondered Hargrove, a member of the House Rules Committee that could take up McEachin’s resolution as early as Wednesday.

“Are we going to force the Jews to apologize for killing Christ?” Hargrove wondered. “Nobody living today had anything to do with it. It would be far more appropriate in my view to apologize to the Upper Mattaponi and the Pamunkey” Indians for the loss of their lands in eastern Virginia, he said…

“I personally think that our black citizens should get over it,” Hargrove said of slavery, which existed in Virginia from 1619 until the Civil War. “By golly, we’re living in 2007.”




January 23, 2007
3:55 pm

Hagrove is now going with the “duck and declare a state holiday defence” this was made famous by Governor Gilmore, when he was asked to drop the Lee Jackson (as in General Lee and General Jackson) from the state Lee Jackson King day holiday. Instead he moved Lee Jackson Day to a Friday, kept MLK day on a monday, and gave us state workers a four day weekend. Smartest thing he did in his four years as gov..
So now Hagrove won’t go for an apology about slavery, but will push to make “Juneteenth” a state holiday…