JWM Turns Five

Probably should have noted this at the time, but a couple of weeks ago this blog turned five years old.

Hard to believe!

Here’s my first post. What do you think?  Was I right or was I right? Wink

PS: If you want to get the highlights of the last five years without trudging through every post, check out the Best of Just Well Mixed archive — it’s five years’ worth of JWM goodness in a few dozen posts. 



January 31, 2007
8:37 am

So I’m 33 years and 1 day older than your blog. Good to know. 😉
Actually your second post stood the test of time even better, as music labels are finally considering dumping DRM from their CDs, as it’s proved expensive and useless in combatting piracy.


January 31, 2007
8:49 pm

Where are the short stories you promised?

Jason Lefkowitz

January 31, 2007
11:14 pm

I guess you haven’t gotten that unlucky yet 😉