The Innocent Shall Suffer… BIG TIME

Ignignokt flips the bird

Hot off the presses: Boston flips out over electronic lights planted to promote upcoming Aqua Teen Hunger Force movie, arrests two.

As a die hard ATHF fan, I find the fact that the Mooninites, Ignignokt and Err, have managed to throw a real life city into a panic terribly amusing. I can’t think of anything that would please them more. (That’s Ignignokt up there, in case you were wondering with your puny Earth brain.)

Bostonians are just lucky they didn’t break out the Quad Laser

UPDATE (2PM): The two guys who got arrested just got out on bail, and the first thing they did was hold what may be the funniest press conference ever:

"I feel like my hair is pretty perfect but altogether I want to redirect this to the haircuts of the ’70s," Berdovsky said, ignoring reporters’ shouts.

"I really like the one where the hair curls around to the back," Stevens replied.

"Oh yeah, that one’s so hot," Berdovsky then responded…

When asked whether they were afraid their hair might be cut if they are sent to prison, Berdovsky stopped his rant and answered, "Whatever happens I feel that my hair is safe at the moment."

Here’s the video:

So. Awesome.