Finally, An Airline That Understands Service!

Note for frequent flyers: on Quantas, the service really is better in First Class:

A female flight attendant has been suspended by Qantas after an "in-flight incident" with the actor Ralph Fiennes, the Australian airline said yesterday.

The star of The English Patient and Schindler’s List allegedly became "amorous" with Lisa Robertson, 38, in a lavatory on a flight from Australia to India last month.

At least two crew members saw the pair leave the cubicle within moments of each other during the flight from Darwin to Mumbai on Jan 24.



February 27, 2007
6:41 pm

I like the part at the end where they are all “She is a qualified scuba diver.” as though that had any bearing on whether or not she fellated Fiennes in the bathroom of a 747.