I’ve used this space to bitch about tax software in the past, so it’s only fair to give kudos when I find a product that doesn’t suck. Thankfully, one exists: TaxACT.

TaxACT’s Web-based product is reasonably priced ($16 to file both Federal and one state return), works fine in Firefox on Linux, handles weird tax situations like reporting Schedule K-1 income with alacrity, and gives you nice PDFs of all your tax documents for archiving when you’re done. Plus there’s no software to install, so you don’t end up with old tax software cluttering up your system, and you always have the latest version. And they have a clear privacy policy, which I always appreciate.

If you have tons of investments to itemize, TaxACT might not be for you; but for the average return, it’s all you need.



April 17, 2007
2:25 pm

I just used taxact and would recommend it, too.


April 15, 2008
12:43 pm

I just used it again this year! I noticed I do my taxes at lunch time on the very last day you can file them every single year. At least it’s not at midnight, I suppose…