Archive: September 2007

Is It 2009 Yet? (September 26, 2007)

Come on already

On Free Speech (September 24, 2007)

… since some people apparently need a reminder

Only the Good Die Young (September 24, 2007)

Or so they tell me, anyways

The Cost of Waiting (September 16, 2007)

It’s too high

You Have to Wonder If He Sent Monica a Free Copy (September 13, 2007)

Oh, don’t tell me you didn’t think of this too

“Dodos” Now On DVD (September 12, 2007)

If you haven’t seen it yet… here’s your chance

It’s the End of the World As We Know It… (September 10, 2007)

… and I feel fiiiiiiiiiiiiiine

What Did You Expect, Exactly? (September 3, 2007)

Don’t give out your passwords, people.