A Simple Test

Did you know that it’s "Islamofascist Awareness Week"? No? Well, that can only mean one thing: that you are a sane and well adjusted person. Shame on you!

On his blog, Matt Yglesias has been considering whether "Islamofascism" is even a valid term — whether it describes something real, or just a confection of free-floating anxieties lurking in the minds of the wingnut fringe. I think this is a pretty easy question to answer. Whenever you hear someone use the word "Islamofascism", just ask yourself this question:

In the last five years, how often has this person been right about anything?

In 99% of cases your answer will be "never", which ought to tell you everything you need to know about the validity of the concept of "Islamofascism".

Myself, I use the word as a time-saver; if I hear someone use it, I know that I can safely disregard anything else they say from that point forward. Saves a lot of energy.