Well, That Really Could Have Gone Better

So I sat down tonight to upgrade this blog to the latest version of the software that runs it (Six Apart’s Movable Type), a task that I’ve done a million times before and that should have taken no more than half an hour…

And then, through a series of screwups, I manage to delete everything posted here since October 22. And then discover that my backup script hadn’t been running, so I didn’t have a fresh backup to restore from.


Anyway, long story short, I think I’ve restored all the missing posts. Any comments that were deleted are gone forever — my apologies if your comments are among them.

Needless to say it looks like I’m going to be spending part of my upcoming vacation figuring out why my backup script was borked…

Before you ask, yes, I know that the styling on the comments section of posts is all screwed up.  I’m working on it.