Vote for Manos!

Michael J. Nelson (of Mystery Science Theater 3000 fame) and his crew at Rifftrax have taken on a target that is in desperate need of some snark: political commercials.

Here’s the Rifftraxed version of a Hillary Clinton ad:

And here they take an Obama spot and use it to finally explain what kind of change Obama will bring:

…and here’s the complete archive of their RiffTraxed commercials.

You know, if this makes you miss the good old days of MST3K, I highly recommend that you swing over to and buy a riff. Rifftrax are cheap (generally just $3-4), and they give new life to your DVD collection by giving you a MST-ified version of your movies to enjoy. Here’s a collection of free samples you can watch online, if you want to try before you buy; I have purchased several RiffTrax and enjoyed them all greatly, so they have my recommendation.

UPDATE (March 4): Dammit, this one is too good for me to leave out: