You’re Not Helping

I saw this on the shelves at the local Barnes & Noble when I was browsing the other day, and thought wow, that’s harsh:

'Depression for Dummies' cover

I mean, I know they’ve made a ton of money coming up with a “… for Dummies” book for every possible subject. But calling the audience for this one names seems a tad cruel, ya know?



April 7, 2008
11:07 pm

Nah, it’s perfect. “Life sucks. I’m a no-good dumbo nothing and I should just end it all to protect the rest of the world from being infected with my stupidity. I- What’s this? Hey, at least this book doesn’t pretend I’m smart and then make fun of me behind my back like my so-called ‘friends’.”


April 19, 2008
4:26 am

Yeah, that is harsh!