David’s Situation

This Vanity Fair interview with Bob Odenkirk and David Cross (who have teamed up again after a decade to create a new sitcom for HBO titled David’s Situation) just reinforces my conviction that these two guys are among the funniest people working in the world today:

David: If we did a sketch show and we lived in Flint, Michigan, I’m sure that a lot of our observations would be about the dying auto industry. We live and work and breathe in Hollywood. Bob’s wife is a manager, and his son is the star of Cake.

VF: Cake? What’s that?

David: It’s a reality show.

VF: I’ve never heard of it.

David: It’s about who can eat the most cake in five years.

VF: Bob, you must be very proud of your son.

Bob: Well, he’s not winning.