Maybe You Can Explain This

… because I sure can’t.

Yesterday I came home and discovered a menu from a take-out joint jammed into my door. Not a big surprise, happens all the time. But I took the time to flip through this one and found… this:

Mumble Sauce?

In the section titled “Chicken Wings”, there’s a footnote: “Ask for Mumble Sauce if you like.”

What the hell is Mumble Sauce?

UPDATE (11AM): And my friend Joe Dailey has the answer — it’s apparently a local-to-DC condiment served by local take-out places, similar to duck sauce and known variously as “mambo”, “mumbo”, and “mumble” sauce. You learn something new every day!


Joe Dailey

September 12, 2008
10:35 am

I think it’s a type of hot sauce native to DC take out places (also called mambo and mumbo):
You should ask for some,
If you like

David Jay

September 23, 2008
12:42 pm

See, you CAN learn something useful from all those late night shifts working in McDowell Hall!