We May Need to Start a Support Group for Hacks Demolished by Jon Stewart

First it was Tucker Carlson, and now it’s Jim Cramer

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Part two:

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I’m in awe.



March 13, 2009
3:08 pm

I’m tired of Stewart’s “I’m just an entertainer” excuse to hold himself exempt from the same outrage he levels at others. It’s only an excuse if you willfully and irresponsibly ignore all the hoopla about studies that lots and lots of people take him as “News” despite the fact he claims he’s “entertainment”.
News isn’t a game either. But it looks like a fucking circus sideshow–except it’s political commentary/reporting. I haven’t seen Stewart shy off of using political horseracing to make a buck…and I don’t think he’s been giving everything over a living wage to feed the homeless or whatever. So if he’s going to lob bombs at the rest of the “media”, he ought to, I dunno, provide a counterexample instead of being the same thing he’s critiquing and doing the rhetorical equivalent of saying “But I had my fingers crossed!!! Neener neener neener!”
Given the number of puffballs he’s lobbed at people who were completely ineffective, like, say, John Kerry in 2004, him criticizing anybody else for not speaking truth to power ‘cuz they’re on your own team is the height of hypocrisy.
And beating up Cramer is like boxing the kid who wears the football helmet on the short bus. Wake me when Stewart does something courageous that requires work.
Speaking of, Axe is overpriced bullshit, as any brand with the same chemical works exactly as well according to, um, science, but you don’t hear Stewart coming out and criticizing *his* bread and butter, do you?
“But I’m just a wittew entehtainew. I’m only dis many years owd. Boohoo, don’ be mean to me you big meanie. But you’re hurting America!” Grow a pair, Stewart, and get off your fucking high horse. And if your mom stayed in high risk investments after she retired, then she didn’t listen to any financial experts. Give her one or two of your millions, and go back to fighting with Limbaugh, who’s also “just an entertainer.” And also a hack.

Jason Lefkowitz

March 13, 2009
3:19 pm

But other than that, how was the play, Mrs. Lincoln?