Paradox Sale Week is On!

Paradox Sale Week

My favorite gang of strategy-gaming Swedes, Paradox Interactive, are observing their 10th anniversary this week, and to celebrate they’re offering 50% off every title in their catalog.

Let me say that again a little louder: you can get the best computer strategy games available for 50% off this week.

The sale prices are being offered on all the major digital-downloading services: Steam, Impulse, Direct2Drive and Paradox’s own GamersGate.

To give you a sense of the bargains that are available, here’s a few titles I highly recommend, along with their sale prices:

  • Europa Universalis 3 Complete: I’ve written before about how great Europa Universalis 2 was, and the sequel is even better — especially when you add in the Napoleon’s Ambition and In Nomine expansion packs, both of which are included in EU3 Complete. If you love strategy games there is no excuse not to own this title. Metacritic score: 83. Sale price: $13.99.

  • Hearts of Iron 2 Complete: A deep and rich World War II grand strategy game with a wealth of gameplay options; I’ve been playing this one literally for years without ever getting tired of it. The Complete edition includes all the expansion packs, which let you play a range of alternate-history scenarios, as well as the core game. Metacritic score: 83. Sale price: $12.99.

  • Crusader Kings Complete: Leap onto the throne of any kingdom of medieval Europe, at any time from 1066 to 1453 A.D., and try to steer your family into ruling the whole continent. Uniquely, and appropriately for a game about medieval kingship, Crusader Kings‘ gameplay centers around managing your family — if your king dies at any point without a suitable heir to take his place, the game is over, so much of the player’s strategy revolves around arranging marriages (and, if need be, Henry VIII-style divorces) to strengthen your family line and place your children in contention for other kings’ thrones. The Complete edition includes the must-have Deus Vult expansion. Metacritic score: 73. Sale price: $12.45.

  • Mount and Blade: I’ve already sung of my love for this game, so I won’t bother repeating myself. Metacritic score: 72. Sale price: $14.95.

  • Take Command: Second Manassas: An incredibly detailed game of tactical Civil War combat that lets you lead troops on either side at any level, from a couple of regiments to the entire army. At the grandest scale, seeing entire divisions lurch into combat against each other provides a spectacle unlike any other in PC gaming. Metacritic score: 74. Sale price: $4.99.

Seriously, if you’re at all into these types of games, these are deals you should not let pass by. The sale ends on July 26, so if you want to buy, get to clickin’!