Introducing Rogue Repairman Productions

Rogue Repairman Productions logo

Ever since I announced I had left my old gig, I’ve been getting occasional emails from people asking what I’m up to now. So I figured I should post something about that.

I’ve started my own business. Rogue Repairman Productions is focused on one thing: making technology suck less for the people who use it. I’ve started working with a few clients to make that a reality for them. If you’re interested in making it a reality for you too, drop me a line at my new business e-mail address.

The gorgeous Rogue Repairman logo was designed by Shikha Savdas, a graphic designer and friend of long standing. She’s just extraordinarily talented; if you have graphic design needs you really should give her a call.

There’ll be more news coming out of Rogue Repairman Productions soon. Consider yourself warned.