Sweet, Sweet Tab Candy

Over on his blog, Mozilla’s Aza Raskin has announced that the prototype feature known as “Tab Candy,” aimed at improving the user experience of working with multiple tabs in Firefox, has been approved (under a new name) for inclusion in Firefox 4:

I am happy to announce that Tab Candy is coming to Firefox 4. Starting today, Tab Candy will be called Firefox Panorama and be available as a feature in Firefox betas. Head to the Firefox 4 feature list, or watch the video below, to learn how to organize your tabs into groups and reclaim your browsing experience from clutter and information overload.

Here’s that video he was talking about:

Firefox Panorama: How To from Aza Raskin on Vimeo.

It looks pretty nifty; I currently use (and recommend) the Tree Style Tab extension to make large numbers of tabs more manageable, but there’s no reason why Firefox should even need an extension to deal with that scenario, and Tab Candy/Panorama looks pretty elegant, so I’m looking forward to taking it for a spin.

According to Aza, Panorama should be showing up in Firefox’s beta channel shortly; you can get on the Firefox 4 beta train here.



August 25, 2010
12:48 pm

Pretty neat. I’d been opening new browser windows to organize tabs, but that still leaves me with a lot of clutter. This looks useful and kind of interesting to see features which some OSes provided showing up in Firefox.