Welcome To The Future

As you may notice, I’ve been doing a little housekeeping around here, including updating this blog’s look. It’s not a huge departure from the old design, but I think it’s a little fresher and more modern. Hopefully you agree.

I took the opportunity as well to roll in some of the new, emerging bleeding-edge Web design tools that have been percolating recently, namely Web Fonts (via the Google Font API) and a sprinkling of CSS3 to provide things like text shadows and rounded corners. Browser support for these technologies isn’t ubiquitous yet (though users of most modern browsers should be able to see it just fine); in a way this returns Just Well Mixed to its roots, because when I launched this site in January 2002 it was completely standards-based in a time when standards support in browsers was abysmal. Support for the standards that were avant-garde eight years ago is a lot better now, but there are new standards emerging, so it’s only fitting that JWM hoist a flag for them early as well.




August 20, 2010
11:58 am

Congrants! Its nice how these Standards make these design flourishes relatively painless, compared to what you had to go through before to achieve them.
Any chance you’ll be blogging more frequently?