LibertarianRepublican’s “The End of Liberty in America”: a dramatic reading

Wolverines!!!So over at a site called “” (which should give you a pretty good idea what they’re on about), Eric Dondero is pretty sure that Obama’s re-election means it’s time for WOLVERIIIIIIINES!

Today starts a new course for my life. I’ve soured on electoral politics given what happened last night. I believe now the best course of action is outright revolt. What do I mean by that?

Well, to each his own. Some may choose to push secession in their state legislatures. Others may choose to leave the U.S. for good (Costa Rica, Switzerland, Italy, Argentina, Hong Kong, Israel). Still others may want to personally separate themselves from the United States here in North America while still living under communist rule’ the Glenn Beck, grab your guns, food storage, build bunkers, survivalist route. I heartily endorse all these efforts…

Are you married to someone who voted for Obama, have a girlfriend who voted ‘O’. Divorce them. Break up with them without haste. Vow not to attend family functions, Thanksgiving dinner or Christmas for example, if there will be any family members in attendance who are Democrats.

Do you work for someone who voted for Obama? Quit your job. Co-workers who voted for Obama. Simply don’t talk to them in the workplace, unless your boss instructs you too for work-related only purposes. Have clients who voted Democrat? Call them up this morning and tell them to take their business elsewhere.

While he encourages you to burn all your personal relationships to the ground and head off for the mountains with your .22 rifle, though, he’s taking a slightly different (but just as radical! honest!) approach to revolution: annoying his friends, family, and grocery store checkout person.

I believe we all need to express disgust with Obama and Democrats in public places. To some extent I already do this. Example:

When I’m at the Wal-mart or grocery story I typically pay with my debit card. On the pad it comes up, “EBT, Debit, Credit, Cash.” I make it a point to say loudly to the check-out clerk, “EBT, what is that for?” She inevitably says, “it’s government assistance.” I respond, “Oh, you mean welfare? Great. I work for a living. I’m paying for my food with my own hard-earned dollars. And other people get their food for free.” And I look around with disgust, making sure others in line have heard me.

I am going to step this up. I am going to do far more of this in my life. It’s going to be my personal crusade. I hope other libertarians and conservatives will eventually join me.

As you might expect, Dondero’s addled cri de coeur was met with mockery and ridicule around the blogosphere. But still, something was missing. Someone needed to give it the Serious, Dramatic Reading it deserved.

Am I that person? Probably not, but what the hell, I did it anyway.



Sandy Smith

November 8, 2012
1:06 pm

Don’t neglect the comments, which are also a gold mine:

I say we’ve got two to three years left before they start rounding up dissenters and sending us off to Nazi-style concentration camps. I’ve got a little more time, cause I live in Texas.


November 8, 2012
3:45 pm

I thought “America’s Most Scenic Concentration Camp” was the Texas state motto already?
People don’t live in Lubbock (or Midland, or basically anything that isn’t in Austin) by choice, do they?


February 18, 2013
9:29 am

I ran across this website on my kindle fire…. but it kind of
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I have been to dozens of websites without a problem, but this one had black zigzag lines
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