Kids, ranked

The Big Con34. The Punk Kid

33. The Jew Kid

32. The Black Kid

31. The Mormon Kid

30. The Sleepy Kid

29. The Ripley Kid

28. The Painter Kid

27. The Clinic Kid

26. Kid Niles

25. Kid McGinley

24. The Boone Kid

23. The Honey Grove Kid

22. The Little Alabama Kid

21. The Big Alabama Kid

20. The Brass Kid

19. The Harmony Kid

18. The Postal Kid

17. The Gash Kid

16. The Leatherhead Kid

15. The Square Faced Kid

14. The Molasses Face Kid

13. The Squirrel Toothed Kid

12. The Yenshee Kid

11. The Narrow Minded Kid

10. The Sanctimonious Kid

9. The Yellow Kid Weil

8. The Seldom Seen Kid

7. The Harum Scarum Kid

6. The Collars and Cuffs Kid

5. The Money From Home Kid

4. The Narrow Gage Kid

3. The Hashhouse Kid

2. The High Ass Kid

1. The Christ Kid

(All Kids above being real people profiled in The Big Con: The Story of the Confidence Man by David W. Maurer, published 1940)