Nine questions for Jack Dorsey

Twitter: this bird has flownDear Jack,

  1. Why do characters in URLs count towards my 140 characters?
  2. Why do characters in @-usernames count towards my 140 characters?
  3. Why do any characters that are part of obvious metadata count towards my 140 characters?
  4. Why can’t I edit Tweets for a limited period of time after posting them, so I can fix typos without having to delete and re-post?
  5. Why can’t I specify what part of an uploaded image you should use as its preview thumbnail, rather than you just taking a slice out of the middle?
  6. Why can’t I subscribe to a hashtag and have posts with it automatically show up in my main feed?
  7. Why does the counter in the title bar count all unread Tweets, rather than just unread Tweets that are directly relevant to me (replies, DMs, RTs)?
  8. Why is it easier to get to the Advanced Search feature by going to Google and searching for “Twitter advanced search” than it is from within Twitter itself?
  9. Why is the only way to display a complete Twitter discussion to leave Twitter and go use Storify instead?