Blowing the dust off

Kaiserbahnhof Halbe Interior 2010

Kaiserbahnhof Halbe Interior 2010. Photo credit: Wikipedia user petermacky. Licensed under Creative Commons BY-SA 3.0.

Is this thing on?

Oh, you’re back.

Yeah. Try to contain your excitement.

So. Um.


It’s been, like, six months. Where’ve you been?

Well, you may have noticed that my last post is timestamped right before the 2016 election…

Oh. Right.


Hey, remember when you predicted that Donald Trump was going to lose?

This is why nobody likes you.

Oh, snap!

Of course I remember. What can I say? I was insufficiently capable of grasping just how screwed up things could get.

Well, it’s been six months. Where’ve you been?

Twisting in the wind, just like everyone else.

Tell me more.

I just looked at the way the world was going and thought, what difference am I making? Are all these words I write here actually contributing to some positive outcome? Or are they just a pacifier for me to suck on, a way for me to distract myself from my personal role as part of the problem?


I still don’t know. I just got embarrassed by how old the post on the front page was getting.



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