Archive: July 2002

The Nightmare Scenario (July 24, 2002)

If you’ve been reading The Washington Post lately, it’s hard to miss the emerging outlines of what could be thought of as the economic Nightmare Scenario — the worst-case scenario in which the tentative recovery we’ve been slogging through over the last year is strangled by a plunging Dow and collapsing consumer confidence. It’s not […]

Protect Your Neighbors! Report Them! (July 23, 2002)

For those of you under the impression that we still live in a free society, a quick look at this page ought to bring you back to reality: Operation TIPS – Terrorist Information and Prevention System What is Operation TIPS? It’s a new program from those Friends of Freedom (TM) at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. The […]

No Mystery about “Enigma” (July 14, 2002)

OK, this entry is a little behind schedule — I’ve been buried under work the last week, which has kept me from posting — but I definitely want to share this with you all. Over the 4th of July weekend, I saw a great movie. It’s currently playing in art houses only, which is a […]

Thoughts on the Fourth (July 4, 2002)

Two hundred and twenty-six years ago today, a group of men from all over the British colonies in North America took a terrific risk. They gathered in Philadelphia to put their names to a document which was to be sent to the most powerful man in the world — King George III, on his throne […]

Ego Gratification Bulletin (July 2, 2002)

Woo-hoo! I’m the #1 ‘Jason Lefkowitz’ on Google! Here’s the proof: Google Search: jason lefkowitz Next goal: to be the #1 Jason on Google. That’s a little more ambitious 🙂 Throw me a link and help me out, folks!