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You Know That Band You Love? They SUCK! (June 12, 2003)

Open mouth, insert e-mail plus foot

All RIGHT! (June 12, 2003)

Sid Meier returns to the briny deep

Why Not Learn From the Best? (June 11, 2003)

An evening with Our Favorite Geek ™

DoJ Backpedals on Gay Pride Event (June 11, 2003)

Ashcroft throws it in reverse

Missing WMDs: Worse than Watergate? (June 11, 2003)

The bombs that may cook Bush’s goose

Screenreaders for Mac Drying Up? (June 11, 2003)

Last Mac screenreader disappears in puff of smoke

First Look at “The Incredibles” (June 11, 2003)

Pixar burns the midnight oil

Random Radio-Inspired Thought for the Day (June 10, 2003)

I would give my life to find it, I would give it all… Catch me if I fall.

Playing to Win? (June 10, 2003)

Scoble sells out

So That’s Where the WMDs Are! (June 10, 2003)

Weapons? What weapons?

Reclaim the Public Domain (June 9, 2003)

I sent this out by e-mail this morning to my Big List of Friends & Family — but on the off chance you’re not on that list, drop me a line so I can add you, and then read this — it’s something you should know about. You may or may not be familiar with […]

New BF1942 Mod Brings the Battlefield to Vietnam (June 7, 2003)

The first public beta of the new Battlefield 1942 mod “Eve of Destruction“, which moves the action to the jungles of Vietnam, is finally available. It’s a little laggy, but very atmospheric and a lot of fun to play. Give it a spin if you need a break from Desert Combat 🙂

Ashcroft Forbids Gay DoJ Staff to Meet (June 6, 2003)

Jen Klyse is calling out John Ashcroft for what looks like Yet Another egregiously closed-minded act by our fearless Attorney General. This time, he’s refused to allow gay and lesbian Justice Department staff to hold their annual Gay Pride Month celebration at the Department’s headquarters — the first time that such an event has apparently […]

Gallo’s Bad Day Gets Worse (June 6, 2003)

Hey, it looks like Vincent Gallo has decided that the fact that his film sucks wasn’t his fault after all. Turns out it’s everyone else’s fault. Who knew? CNN: Reviled ‘Bunny’ could be hot property Roger Ebert: Gallo goes on the offensive after ‘Bunny’ flop Sez Gallo, If a fat pig like Roger Ebert doesn’t […]

Preach It, Brother! (June 6, 2003)

It’s thrilling to see that the streets have finally given us a gangsta poet who isn’t afraid to tell it like it is!

File Under “Death By Embarrassment” (June 6, 2003)

“What are you doing???” “Um… honestly, officer, it’s nothing…” Yeah, right. Some things, alas, are kind of difficult to talk your way out of. Like, say, this.

Sweatin’ to the Really Oldies (June 6, 2003)

Those of you unfortunate enough to live in NYC might want to check this out: Shakespeare on the Run is a theatre group that is mounting a production of “Much Ado About Nothing” in Central Park. Nothing new there, but their approach to staging is — while you watch one scene, the next scene is […]

Rupert Murdoch’s Stomach Will Roast in Hell! (June 6, 2003)

Mark Fiore has a funny Flash comic on Michael Powell, FCC Chairman, and his successful push to remove regulations on media ownership. (Thanks to Donna Wentworth for the link.)

Weapons of Mass Destruction Finally Found (June 5, 2003)

Soapbox derby meets Mad Max

Microsoft Opens Up — Just a Bit (June 5, 2003)

Hey big spender, MS will open the kimono for you

More Help For Men Who Desperately Need It (June 5, 2003)

You’re only pathetic if you let them see you sweat

Wolfowitz: Open Mouth, Insert Foot (June 4, 2003)

Oh, man… I don’t even know where to BEGIN with this one. Wolfowitz: Iraq war was about oil Asked why a nuclear power such as North Korea was being treated differently from Iraq, where hardly any weapons of mass destruction had been found, the deputy defence minister said: “Let’s look at it simply. The most […]

You Got Me Straight Trippin’, Barney (June 4, 2003)

This is just wrong!

Keanu: I’ve Already Got Enough Cash, Thanks (June 3, 2003)

Turns out Keanu Reeves is a hell of a nice guy. Who knew? From Hello Magazine’s story KEANU REEVES GIVES £50 MILLION TO UNSUNG HEROES OF ‘THE MATRIX’: Keanu Reeves has shown his generosity by giving away £50 million of his earnings from the Matrix sequels… to the unsung heroes of the sci-fi blockbusters — […]

Under New Management (June 2, 2003)

Just Well Mixed sells out